Commemorating 100 years since the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli

To all our Host Companies, at this time of year, we remember all the service men and women who have given of themselves for the freedom of this beautiful country.

I hope you all had a good Easter break. With the end of the financial year fast approaching this will be a good time to host an intern for those extra projects that need to be finalized. Many of our students are approaching the internship phase of their Professional Year and are keen to gain some valuable work experience.

We have received some wonderful feedback on our Graduates, and we are very proud that once again our graduates have been offered part time and full time work after the completion of their internship. Many of our ex-students are now loyal employees and on their way to a successful career and to become future leaders.

Industry experience has always been key to the philosophy of ECA and we are grateful to all our host companies for giving our students an opportunity to kick-start their career. Over the last month we have gained much industry cooperation and the popularity of our program has gained significant foothold within the Accounting and IT sector.

With exciting growth plans ahead we are determined to roll out our internship philosophy across the nation. Currently our program is offered in Sydney and Melbourne but we would like to hear from you if you have offices in other capital cities. We have recently appointed Daniel Wall as our Industry Liaison at our Melbourne campus.  Daniel is dedicated to facilitate internships between host companies and our students in Melbourne.
We look forward to sharing many successful updates on our Graduates and many other ECA success stories. Please see the latest Graduate stories below.

Warm Regards,

Frans Koenders
Head of Internship Department
ECA Professional Year

From Our Host Company | Superannuation Warehouse

Name |  Hein Preller
Job Title  |  Director
Company  |  Superannuation Warehouse
Location  |  melbourne, VIC

Host Company: Superannuation Warehouse.
Internship Role:
Administrator, Accounting & Audit.
What Skills and Knowledge did you gain from your Internship? I Accounting Practice, Auditing Practice and Superfund realated Knowledge.
Was the ECA Internship Department easy to communicate with and supportive of finding your Internship? Yes, they react quick and and answer my questions well.
Did you have any prior work experience in the chosen area of study you undertook?

No, I had not had any experience in the Accounting field.

What advice would you give other Graduates when attending Interviews for an Internship? 

I would like to do the research of the company of the company and prepare some interview questions.

Did you receive an offer of employment or feedback from the Host Company on your performance? 

I did not receive any offer yet.

Did you receive feedback from the Host Company on your performance. 

Yes, my manager and supervisor are more than Happy to give me advise on my performance.


Name |  Ling Fei Lu
Course you are studying |  Skilled Migration Internship Program - Accounting (SMIPA)
Educational Institute  |  Education Centre of Australia (ECA)
Location  |  Melboourne, VIC

Graduate: Ashley Lu
Department Graduate is/was in: 
Superannuation Accounting and Audit
How has the Graduate contributed to the organisation? 
Ashley was involved in performing the accounting function as well as auditing for several superannuation funds.

Was a lot of time and energy required to support the Graduate?
As superannuation is a specialised field in accounting, there is a steep learning curve to grasp all technical issues and concepts. During her internship we paired Ashley up with other staff members to assist in her training. This gave her the opportunity to ask questions and learn as she was in a live environment.

Was ECA easy to communicate with and supportive of the Graduate placement?

 The communication was timely and descriptive – great support

Has the Graduated fitted into your organisation as part of the team?

There are many relationships to manage in a professional environment. Ashley communicated well with peers, managers and regulators. She is well liked and built professional connections.

Was the Graduate able to commit to the days you required them to work

The position is a full time, 5 days per week position. We know this is a big commitment as an internship. Ashley was always punctual.

If you had the opportunity to take on another Graduate would you?


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